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Tony Boyle

Australian-born Tony Boyle grew up Down Under and moved to Colorado in 1990 where he lives with his American wife. A writer, raconteur, novelist, screenwriter, actor and public speaker, Tony is an Ageless Adventurer.

Tony’s love for Kangaroo Island, his early experiences as a wool and beef producer along with the real life issues of his family's struggles, inspired him to write Beyond Passion, released May 2007 to rave reviews.

Visit Tony's website here http://www.tonyboyle-australianwriter.com

Paul Taylor

Australian storyteller, didjeridoo player and traveler, Paul came to the U.S. from Adelaide, South Australia in 1992 and now resides in Wyoming.

Paul celebrates the culture of his Australian homeland, traveling throughout the US, performing to all ages.  Paul delights in celebrating both the Aboriginal and European roots of the Australian culture through story, song and didjeridoo.  He conducts school residencies, combining storytelling and music with dance and painting.

Paul's CD COOEE with Don Spencer, has won 6 National Awards in the US, and has been released by the ABC back home.

Visit Paul's website here http://www.paultaylor.ws





Tony Boyle

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